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2021 Read for the Record Selection

This year's Jumpstart Read for the Record® book is Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon by Kat Zhang and illustrated by Charlene Chua.


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When Amy Wu’s teacher asks everyone to make their own dragon at craft time, Amy feels stuck. Her first dragon has a long, wingless body, stag-like horns, and eagle claws, but her friends don’t think it’s a real dragon. Then she makes dragons like theirs, but none of them feels quite right...None of them feels like hers.

After school, a story from Grandma sparks new inspiration, and Amy rounds up her family to help her. Together, can they make Amy’s perfect dragon?

Jumpstart's Special Edition

Jumpstart’s team works with our selected publishing partner to create a special paperback edition of the campaign book with exclusive content.

This edition contains:

  • activity guides and resources to bring the story to life
  • tips for reading with young children
  • vocabulary words
  • comprehension questions

About the Author

Kat Zhang loves traveling to places both real and fictional—the former have better souvenirs, but the latter allow for dragons, so it’s a tough pick. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, she now spends her free time scribbling poetry, taking photographs, and climbing atop things she shouldn’t. You can learn about her travels, literary and otherwise, at

About the Illustrator

Charlene Chua draws many things, from baos to dragons to, literally, the kitchen sink. When she is not drawing, she enjoys playing or talking to her cats (they listen politely, most of the time). Charlene grew up in Singapore and now lives in Canada. Her favorite bao are “char siu” bao!

 Product Details

Publisher Simon & Schuster
Cover paperback
Pages 40
Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 11" x 9"
English ISBN 9781665911740
Spanish ISBN 9781665911757

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